Mental Health Cop - as seen at LEPH2016


A great resource for police, health practitioners and the community.

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LEPH2016 leaders, Auke van Dijk and Nick Crofts, write about the emerging field of LEPH


The article describes the uniqueness of the LEPH relationship and the necessity to develop a better understanding of the dynamics of the two fields in order to maximise their joint benefit for communities.

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New book: What matters in policing?


“A persuasive, penetrating and insightful glimpse, through the lens of leadership, into how two influential police systems in countries with very different histories are repositioning themselves within the ‘rough waters’ of security governance.” Clifford Shearing

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LEPH2016 a success


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Passionate Professionals:
The Dutch Police Response to the Shooting Down of Malaysian Airlines’ MH17 in the Ukraine (2014)


Maurice Punch (pictured), with Frank Hoogewoning and Auke van Dijk.

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Police and Public Health Innovation in practice: an overview of collaboration across England




A paper to support the October 2016 summit: ‘creating a shared purpose for policing and health’

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US Police Foundation among coalition to reform mental health & drug responses in criminal justice


Read "A New Justice Challenge for Trump: Mental Health & Drugs" by Ted Gest on The Crime Report

Australian students pave way for next generation of LEPH practitioners


Maryborough (Victoria, Australia) students Annabelle Reiger and Sharine Lanfranchi are considering future careers in the LEPH sector.

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Policing Vulnerability: Definitions, legitimacy and thinking differently

A great blog entry based on thoughts from the annual College of Policing Conference by Ian Hesketh and Emma Williams

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The stuff of night mayors: Amsterdam pioneers new way to run cities after dark


The Guardian: Jon Henley goes out on patrol with the original night mayor, Mirik Milan.



CLEPH’s Law Enforcement and HIV Network expands worldwide

The LEAHN team expands to 17 in the world wide network  of  senior police officers, known as ‘Country Focal Points’ (CFPs). Their role is to connect people involved in HIV prevention, particularly within law enforcement and public health. LEAHN aims to help build sustainable global and local partnerships to work more effectively with vulnerable groups, such as people who inject drugs (PWID), sex workers, prisoners, migrants and men who have sex with men (MSM).

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LEAHN Project

LEAHN (Law Enforcement and HIV Network) is a global network of police and health professionals with a focus on HIV prevention. The Network helps professionals understand the role of law enforcement in public health and the importance of collaborative response to reducing the incidence of HIV.

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A ‘good read’

Building Successful Partnerships between Law Enforcement and Public Health Agencies to Address Opioid Use
- Community Oriented Policing Service, US State Department 2016
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How wide or narrow should the police's remit be?
-Millie, A. and Herrington, V.
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Book Chapter: The Secret Social Service
- Maurice Punch in The British Police, Simon Holdaway (ed.), London, Arnold 1979
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Aligning policing and public health promotion: insights from the world of foot patrol
– Policing Practice and Research: An International Journal, Jennifer D. Wood,  Caitlin J. Taylor, Elizabeth R. Groff, Jerry H. Ratcliffe
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Building partnerships between law enforcement and harm reduction programs
– an Editorial in the International Journal of Drug Policy by CLEPH consultant Melissa Jardine.
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