We are thrilled that Professor Nick Crofts has received this great honour for his work. He is also interim President for the Global Law Enforcement & Public Health Association.

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Professor John Nicholas CROFTS


For significant service to medicine in the field of epidemiology, particularly through contributions to the control of HIV and other infectious diseases.

Service includes:

Co-Director and Co-Founder, Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health, (not-for-profit company, incorporated in Australia), since 2009.

Co-Director, Biennial International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health, since 2012;

Convenor, International Working Group on Policing Marginalised Communities, since circa 2009.

Founder, and Member, International Expert Advisory Group, Law Enforcement and HIV Network, 2009.

Multiple consultancies for WHO, UNAIDS, UNODC, AusAID and other bilateral and multilateral agencies.

Senior Expert, Public Health and Law Enforcement, International Development Law Organization, The Hague, Netherlands, current.

Honorary Professorial Fellow, Global and Cultural Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, since, 2012; Academic/Developer, Law Enforcement and Public Health Program, Nossal Institute for Global Health, 2007-2012; Delegate/Member, Harm Minimisation in Prison Committee, Anex, Penington Institute, 2007-2012.

Co-Patron and Advisory Board Member, Drug Policy Australia Limited, current.

Board Member, Harm Reduction Australia, current. Member, Australian National Council on AIDS, Hepatitis C and Related Diseases, ‘on three occasions’. Founder, Asian Harm Reduction Network, Thailand, 1997.

Director, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, 2004-2007.

Technical Director, Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Project, AusAID, 2002-2007; Technical Director, Indonesian harm reduction program; Principal Investigator, influence of harm reduction on police policy and practice research project in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Fellow, Australian Faculty of Public Health Medicine, since 2004.

Director, International Conference Series on Law Enforcement and Public Health, since 2012.

Deputy Director, Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health (Burnet Institute), 5 years; Established, the Centre for International Health, 1992; Epidemiological Research Unit – now the Centre for Population Health, 1989; and the Centre for Harm Reduction; Employee, 1984-2004.

Senior Research Fellowship, Communicable Diseases Surveillance Centre, London, UK, and the AIDS Branch at the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA, 1986-1988.

Author of over 150 articles, book chapters and editorials in refereed journals.

Editor-in-Chief, (International) ‘Harm Reduction Journal’, current.

Awards and recognition includes:
Recipient, Rolleston Award, International Harm Reduction Association, ‘for his work in Asia’, 1998.