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About the Paper

This paper was commissioned by the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance for the purposes of improving our shared understanding of the concept, current practices, and policy alignment efforts surrounding the emerging community safety and well-being movement in Canada.

This paper largely draws on the experience and knowledge of the author who, as a community-engaged scholar with the University of Saskatchewan’s Centre for Forensic Behavioral Science and Justice Studies, as a founding partner of the Global Network for Community Safety, and as a multi-sector collaboration specialist at the Living Skies Centre for Social Inquiry, has led various research, advising, and evaluation projects.

About Community Safety Knowledge Alliance

CSKA is a non-profit organization that supports federal and provincial governments and the broader community safety and well-being sector in their drive toward new and effective models for, and approaches to, community safety and well-being. Through its four lines of business (research, evaluation, technical guidance and support, and professional development) CSKA mobilizes, facilitates, and integrates research and the development of a knowledge base to inform how community safety related work is organized and delivered.