LEPH2012 – Melbourne

LEPH2012 ConferenceThe Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health (CLEPH) (www.cleph.com.au ) convened the First International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health in Melbourne, Australia in November 2012 (LEPH2012). Co-convenor for LEPH2012 was the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne. The Australian Institute of Police Management and the Public Health Association of Australia were major partners.

This event directed a spotlight on ‘state of the art’ thinking and approaches to collaborative efforts to tackle some of the toughest problems in the community.  Over 350 people were involved in the conference, representing policy makers, practitioners and researchers from the fields of policing, public health, local government and community development. The conference themes struck a chord and, apart from anything else, highlighted the underexplored and often unrecognised nexus between law enforcement and public health, in all its complex forms.

LEPH2012 conference themes included a wide range of complex social issues where law enforcement – particularly police – have a critical role to play, and the partnership with public health is of key importance. The Conference’s Marketplace of Ideas showcased successful police-public health collaborations and initiatives, to build a knowledge base of ‘what works’ across the widest range of public health issues including:

  • Mental health 
  • Family, gender-based and community violence prevention
  • Communicable disease and epidemic control
  • Emergency and disaster management including major events
  • Alcohol management and regulation
  • Drug and alcohol affected persons
  • Indigenous health
  • Road trauma
  • Illicit drugs and harm reduction
  • Health in the Developing World


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