nick-thomson.jpgDr Nicholas Thomson MPH PhD

Dr Nicholas Thomson has been working at the intersection of law enforcement and HIV for much of the last 12 years in South East Asia through his role as Field Director of Research for Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. During that period Nick completed his PhD on the Public Health and Public Security Implications of Narcotics in South East Asia. He worked with his team to develop multisectoral collaborations between law enforcement agencies and public health actors in order to progress the public health needs of at risk populations including migrants, people who use drugs and prisoners. He worked closely with law enforcement and public security agencies as well as the public health sector and civil society groups from across from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Southern China, Nepal. During this time Nick acted as a Technical Director on AusAID research projects in South East Asia and as an independent consultant for multiple UN, government and non government agencies

Throughout these experiences, Nick was developing a keen interest in how better to engage law enforcement agencies across multiple issues of public health. Now based between Melbourne and Asia and as a past Director of the Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health, he is pursuing the issue of enhancing collaboration between law enforcement and public health through the organising of the First International Conference on Policing and Public Health. As well he is involved in the development of a research program that is creating new partnerships with police training academies across Central Asia, Eastern Europe, South East Asia and Australia and the Pacific. Nick maintains a role with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health work in Asia as well as a role as a Senior research fellow with the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne.


greg2.jpgGreg Denham

Greg Denham has extensive experience across the policing, health and education sectors. He is a former member of both Victoria and Queensland Police and served in the uniform, investigation, crime prevention and training departments. Greg has also worked in the health field, particularly in drug and alcohol policy where he has undertaken extensive policy and practice development with police in the prevention of HIV through injecting drug use, mostly in South East Asia. Greg has also worked with police in developing strategies to better respond to people experiencing mental health problems and is a consultant in the prevention of child abuse and neglect through school-based education programs. More recently his professional direction has been looking at ways that local agencies can problem-solve complex health, social and welfare issues through stakeholder engagement and collaboration.


Alex ZelichenkoAlex Zelichenko

Aleksandr (Alex) Zelichenko, PhD, is a recently retired Police Colonel and Director of Central Asian Drug Policy Center. He is also a member of Journalists Association of Kyrgyzstan and National Writers Association of Kyrgyzstan.

Alex is one of the founders and first leader of the Special Drug Control Service under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The State Commission on Drug Control under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic.  He has more than 37 years of experience in the Kyrgyz State Police Service at operational, supervisory levels, command level and in police training (1978 – 2007), in a wide range of Police services as Police Drug Control Service, Criminal Police, Community Police and Police Reforming as well as extensive experience in multi-cultural and post conflict environments during Cross-Border Cooperation Projects in Central Asian region. Alex has served in UN Missions in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia/Montenegro.

Alex has trained more than 700 police officers from Kosovo and Serbia in crime prevention, general policing, anti-drug activities and community policing issues. He worked as an international drug policy expert for IHRD/OSI from 2004-7. Alex is currently the Coordinator of EU Central Asian Drug Action Program – CADAP-5 and moderates the Russian version of the Law Enforcement and HIV Network