Principles of successful local partnerships in addressing complex health and social issues

Local partnerships

There are many examples of successful or promising initiatives to address a wide range of complex health and social issues at local level, involving partnerships between police or other enforcement regimes and health/welfare agencies. Many of these are never documented; many are not generalized, despite their success, or have an impact on policy. Many are not sustained, often because key people move on, or because a program begun in response to a crisis comes second to responding to a new crisis.

In response to a workplace specific issue CLEPH has developed an alcohol and drug prevention program for stable hands working in the Australia’s racing industry. This was in response to concern from Racing Australia – the peak thoroughbred racing body – about workplace safety issues that increase the risks of personal harm in an already risky work environment. Delivered by the Australian Drug Foundation this program is targeted at over 14000 employees in all Australian states and complements the other rigorous health and safety regimes that are enforced by Racing Australia.